Hanoi Technology Group

The Hanoi Technology Group meets once a month and consists of teachers from Singapore International School, Concordia, The United Nations International School, The International School of Vietnam and St. Paul’s American School. The group meets with the purpose of sharing best practices across schools in order to give our students the best possible learning experience.

On Thursday 7 November, Brian Lalor, Mai Quang Tuan and John Siksorski represented SIS Van Phuc at the meeting. Ruslan Gatin from SIS Cau Giay was in attendance as was Jeffrey Wrensen from SIS Ciputra. Jeffrey presented on how teachers at SIS are using an application called Team Viewer to connect their remote devices to their class computer. During the next meeting on December 5, Brian Lalor will be presenting on how teachers at SIS Van Phuc are sharing teaching strategies through weekly professional learning communities. There will be a discussion as to how teachers can effectively use social media to share best practices.