Principal’s Message

Mr Paul

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Singapore International School @ Van Phuc. Our school and its programmes provide a unique and successful study pathway within the international school community located in Vietnam.

Nestled in the heart of the city, in the Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound, Singapore International School @ Van Phuc has been serving the Hanoi community for over 15 years.  It has the unique prestige of being the first primary school in KinderWorld’s now broad network of schools throughout Vietnam, and since its founding in 2004, it has grown, changed and developed with the city during this time.  Newly renovated and refurbished in 2019, in addition to the gymnasium, library and ICT labs, our school now boasts a swimming pool, a small football field, as well as specialist rooms for Music, STEM and Art/Craft.  We also have a new International programme wing of classrooms, and have incorporated a KinderWorld International Kindergarten (KIK), which caters for students from 18 months of age, through to 6 years of age.

Eastern Values, Global Education

Common to our schools is a focus on Eastern values and Global education. This blending of values and education is quite unique and can’t be found anywhere else in the country. These tenets are embedded within the Singapore and Cambridge curriculums used by the teachers at this campus and throughout our sister schools, providing a strong foundation for future global citizens.

A further unique feature of Singapore International Schools is the inclusion of Outward Bound Programmes for upper primary, secondary and high school students, helping SIS students to develop personal and emotional maturity. As a result, our students enjoy a highly regarded curriculum and a well-rounded education.

Internationally recognized assessments and instructional programmes

As a system of schools, we provide internationally recognized assessments and instructional programmes including:

  • Singapore’s iPSLE Examination
  • Cambridge IGCSE
  • Cambridge AS and A Levels

These examinations and instructional programmes provide a unique study pathway from Singapore International Schools to universities around the world.

Our study pathways provide many options for both students and parents to consider in the long-term planning of their child’s education into a post-secondary school environment.

Certified, English speaking teachers from around the world

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to employ certified, English speaking teachers from around the world.  Currently, teachers working at SIS @ Van Phuc represent many different English speaking countries.

Together, as a faculty, our teachers provide a well-rounded education and seek to nurture students who are:

  • Critical thinkers.
  • Technologically Literate students.
  • Confident communications
  • Academic achievers.
  • Active and responsible citizens of our 21st century world.

Vibrant and challenging international school

It is our pleasure to welcome you to, what we believe, is one of the most vibrant and challenging international school environments in Vietnam.

By choosing Singapore International School @ Van Phuc, you are choosing to join the largest network of international schools in Vietnam.

We invite you to our campus to discuss how we can best meet your child’s educational goals and together, we can work as partners in your child’s future educational success.

Warmest welcome,

Paul Batchelor