After School Activities At Van Phuc

We have record numbers joining and participating in our after school clubs here at SIS Van Phuc!  Children are learning to cook awesome food in PIU’s  cooking class, and the food is nutritious, fresh, and tasty.  Just ask the kids, and Mr. Charlie.  A new club is Ultimate Frisbee, where students are learning a new field game that is played with the ever popular spinning disc.  In this game, one team competes against another team as they throw, catch, and strategize to ultimately catch the Frisbee disc in the goal end zone.  Basketball, football, and badminton continue to offer students competitive and skills development.  Our Art club is getting more popular as we have three teachers enjoying helping the kids create amazing art.  Mr. Mark has so many students interested in music that he offers an afterschool club and also has many kids coming every lunch time to play music.  We have more clubs, more kids, and our staff is really enthusiastic in working with the students.  Stay tuned for Term 4 clubs!