Book Donation Delivery


On  the morning of Friday 27 March,  teachers,  interns and four student council representatives packed up a school bus with boxes and boxes of books from the Student Council’s Book Drive. We drove from 6 lane expressways to 4 lanes to two lanes to dirt, to puddles and a whole lot of mud before we finally arrived at Cao Ram Primary School. After a big stretch and a warm welcome we gathered for the formalities and snacks with our new friends. The school was not  so much different than ours on the outside, but completely different on the inside. There were no books, pictures or supplies in any of the classrooms. The student council members felt a great sense of accomplishment in knowing that the books they had donated were going to be thoroughly enjoyed by many students for a long time to come. It will be wonderful if we could develop a closer relationship with Cao Ram Primary School and do more to help them out in the years to come. The SIS@Van Phuc student council has put a smile on many children’s faces this year.